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Fighting to stay fit!

By Noa Mokhnachi

Did you ever want to try out boxing but couldn’t really afford it? well, you can now attend free classes in London.

On Tuesday 9th of May, the activewear retail Sweaty Betty partnered with a local Personal trainer to offer their customers a free boxing class in their Fulham store to introduce them to the boxing world.

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The event was run by Carly a Fulham based boxing teacher with over 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry. Ladies of all levels and ages were invited to attend the class followed by healthy advices given by the Sweaty Betty staff and goody bags with Chia Coconut water and healthy treats.

“Carly told us that she wanted to ran a free class to introduce women to boxing and we were more than happy to partner with her. Plus it was free, normally boxing class are very expensive, it’s a great way to try out boxing without spending a fortune,” said Bethany Thomas, 24, assistant manager at Sweaty Betty.

The class lasted for more than an hour and hosted more than fifteen guests. The attendees, all females, were ranged from 20 to 40 years olds with different boxing levels. The atmosphere was in full swing and Rihanna’s songs were shaping the rhythm of the boxing movements.

“I had never done boxing before and I have always been hesitant to buy classes because I found them so overpriced especially around Fulham so to be able to try out for free was a great,” said Monica Gilbert 24, investment banker assistant. She also explained that the fact that it was women only made her feel much more comfortable and powerful.

Sweaty Betty isn’t the only activewear offering classes; Lululemon also offers free yoga classes in their stores. It is a good opportunity for the stores to attract new customer who will hopefully purchase items or at least come back to browse the selection.


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